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About EOS

EOS Weather Instruments was founded by entrepreneur and experienced marine electronics technician, Henk van Heuveln. The venture was initially engaged as a pet project in 2013. At that time Henk had devised and built a more robust wind speed and direction sensor (anemometer) after losing some commercially available units during a powerful storm. Once the anemometer was completed, he began to add more sensors, and eventually included a display to view the weather data in realtime.

At this point, systems architect and developer, Gary Fisher was brought into the project to develop the software applications to create a cloud-based system.

Over the years EOS has made incremental improvements to both hardware and software. Today’s systems are the picture of durability and reliability.

The wireless Esoil sensor, which has many applications in viniculture and general agriculture, was designed and build by a member of the Seacoast team in 2018, based on a request from one of our German clients.

Since 2016 we have installed multiple systems in the field and shipboard systems for commercial fleets. Our EOS systems are currently deployed in various applications spanning Europe and North America.


Seacoast Marine Electronics Ltd. headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia with a new location in Vancouver, provides sales and service on commercial marine electronic navigation, communication and automation equipment. Serving all of Central and Eastern Canada, (and now, the West coast), we represent all major marine electronic equipment suppliers.

Seacoast specializes in the service and installation of marine electronic Communication, Navigation and Automation equipment on board ocean-going vessels. With over 35 years of combined experience, Seacoast Marine boasts the knowledge and tools to provide you with the best system to fit within your budget.

Our goal is to service the industry to earn our place as a leading provider in Canada.

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