Import .deb package in Webmin

When a new update is available you can perform the following operations to update the system:


  1. Download new package from Support page
  2. Log into Webmin on station with admin account
  3. Navigate to System: Software Package
  4. Choose: Install New Package --> From Upload File
  5. Select download package
  6. Install --> new page
  7. Leave all default setting
  8. Install
  9. Finished Update
  10. Navigate to System: Bootup and Shutdown
  11. At bottom of page use 'Reboot System'
  12. Optionally you can stop and restart EOR/EOS jobs and other associated cron jobs.

This will update and replace all files for Station functionality. It does not affect data.

If you have modified any files do not use this package or be prepared to replace files.