Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

• Do I need any technical knowledge to install an EOS Station?

Not really; All systems are shipped with all major parts assembled and pre-tested. To save on shipping costs, we dismantle the brackets. Just a screwdriver and wrench is required to assemble these items. The electrical connections are all done through easy-connect waterproof connectors.

• I can buy a Weather Station on Ebay for $100. Your stations start at $1,500. Why would I spend so much.

EOS Weather Instruments is a small company that fabricates all systems in house. We use all local sub-suppliers for our parts. Prior to shipping the systems are tested and a quality assurance is provided for each individual item. The sensors in the EOS Weather systems are the highest quality sensors. Also, after you purchase a unit, we will provide support if required.

Our systems are sold based on quality, not quantity.

• What about the warranty?

Standard warranty applies on all system. A copy of the warranty terms can be obtained here. Additional warranty and support programs are available. Please contact us for pricing.

• Looks like a nice system. I would like to use it for my Company and integrate it into my website and / or database. The problem is that I have no idea how to do this...

No problem; EOS can assist setting up a system. (some remote assistance software must be installed on your PC). For larger projects an engineering fee will be applicable. We also provide ongoing support programs. Please contact us for details.

• I'm a software Engineer and I would like to write my own software.

We sell the EOS systems as barebone (BB version). That means that only the hardware is supplied. The computer will have a Linux distribution and the system will be delivered with a datasheet required to start programming. Please note that no software support will be provided.

• Does EOS sell outside Canada.

Absolutely! Currently we have systems in Germany and The Netherlands. We will provide a detailed shipping quote prior to Shipment.