Cloud Archive Data

Stations have a method to upload archive data to a 'cloud' database. This allows users to view data without accessing the station directly. Reporting and export of data can also be done either using the report generator dialog or using a direct URL address with parameters.

Report Generator

This dialog allows the user to enter a date range and retrieve a list of records that can be formatted in a html page, XML, json or csv formats. Use the Sum by Day to retrieve a daily summary. The sort order can be also set.

Use the 'Do Full Month' and select any date in a month to retrieve all details for the month selected in the Start Date. No need to select an end date. Choosing 5th will span 1st - last day of month or last day data that has been collected.

Hovering over the start/end label will show the absolute start/end period for the data set.

Retrieval Methods

For external systems, a URL address can be used to retrieve data directly.

Example, to retrieve the last archive upload you can pass just the station id:

This will retrieve that last archive record for this station in an XML format that can be read by the external system and processed using a xslt to display current archived readings.

Station Id: ST={stations id} (mandatory to link to a specific stations data)

Additional supported parameters are:

Date range: &date1=2015-04-05&date2=2015-04-06 (YYYY-MM-DD)

         Where value passed with date1 = start date and date2 = end date

 Sum by day: &byday=1  (default =0 return all archive records)

 Format: &format=3 (default = 0 return in HTML format)

  • 0 = html
  • 1 = xml
  • 2 = json
  • 3 = csv (comma delimited)

Sort Ascending: &ascending=1 (default = 0 return in descending order)

Retrieve a span: &SPAN=300 (records from start date)


To retrieve a daily summary in html format for this station with just March 5, 2016 use: