Software Updates

Current Build (2018-02-11)

Version 3.0-2

This package (3.0) is for new firmware 5.0


Contact support to provide details on how to update an existing environment.


 New triggers for fans and voltage levels

 Has a live triggers that counts down

 if not updated from eos then it will re-boot

 additional MQTT attributes

 handling of update periods

 Re-built rain measurement

 Added a mosquitto MQTT server



***MUST Install via terminal 'sudo pip install boto3'

This package (2.0) is for new P3 some communications and drivers are different!

 Added SMTP mail method.

 Added method to set port used by weather card.

 Added Amazon Web Services upload. See Webmin help for details.

 Need to install on command line : pip install boto3

 You can now define all remote scripts in Webmin.

 You can use SSL (https), turn on in Webmin.

 There are new flags for managing restarts (not implemented)

 Updated SOIL_DATA table for future soil sensor.

 EOS will use version 3.0 that will prep for future hardware update

 EOR will use version 2.0 


***MUST Install via terminal 'sudo pip install paho-mqtt'

 Resolved some issues with FRT Station

 Adjusted volts charts to show finer details

 Added code for hardware shutdown on new hardware version

 Now has MQTT Messages, See WebMin -> Push -> MQTT Broker

 for setup and message structure in help 


 Rebuild Tide module for new sensor

 Added google charting (highcharts will be depreciated)

 Added google gauges

 Removed plot uploads (camera still uploaded)

 Added voltage data in remote upload

 Added FRT service for this external vendor station



Added Soil Upload

Suspended ftp uploads to cloud for plots (now uses google charts on cloud site)



  Improved Burst uploads


 Adjusted upload for max wind speed to cloud

 Depth added is now complete (Tide)

    - charting (google/HighCharts)

    - plotting

    - additional views to combine data

    - Tide (prediction) is added to a table


    - HHWL is added in Webmin to mark high water




  •  added methods to connect to new website
  •  modified how burst sends data to website
  •  added FTP username/password to Webmin Weather



  • Added additional logging for debugging

    • log files are cleared when started
    • when debug log file is larger
    • when debug and burst enabled log file is uploaded to cloud site
    • can run debug in Webmin cron job directly Use ' debug' after python script

  • Added timeout parameter for all external web calls (burst for example)
  • Added offset for archive interval

    • Interval = 10 Offset = 1 sends at 1, 11, 21, 31, 41, 51 min.
    • Interval = 10 Offset = 0 sends at 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 min.

  • Plots were redone and can run continuously CHANGE Webmin to run on startup only

    • now has a plot.log file to monitor all plotting routines.

  • EOS server was worked on to move additional methods to utilities.



  • added Depth Module configuration

    • added Webmin depth count control in Weather on Webmin
    • added two new tables
    • updated eor/eos to handle depth data (incomplete)
    • added Depth display on web page

  •  added for piFace display control
  • renamed to (may need to change Webmin cron job)
  • new operating system jessie debian supported on new stations
  • resolved false midnight push notification
  • added voltage and other alarm setting in Weather on Webmin
  • removed push notification on noaa report generation
  • modified UoM for Soil moisture to VWC (Volumetric Water Content)
  • added CORE_IMG table to store charts
  • created for touch screen display (Jessy OS should be used)

    • needs 'sudo apt-get install python-imaging-tk'

  •  Now has a 'burst' method to move current reading to cloud site immediately.

    • Update Webmin/Weather/Push tab - 'Burst' checkbox to activate.
    • Use '/remoteburst.php?' for Script location
    • web site is{remote id} to access
    • Plots and reports are also copied to the cloud site



  • Continue to update plots
  • Limits high charts use (user may require license)
  • Added Soil data gathering methods


  • Updated gathering of daily details for hi/low times into a new table

    •  Part of new table (CORE_TIME) creation will also load old archive data if present.

  • Modified NOAA report generation use new tables for faster response. 

    • NOAA reports are now saved as 2015-04MO.txt and 2015YR.txt to preserve reports  NOAAPRMO.TXT, NOAAMO.TXT, NOAAYR.TXT and NOAAPRYR.TXT are still created.

  • Rain display on main page now uses archive data for reporting today/ yesterday amounts
  • Added 'Base Reference' link to main display. This shows a mocked up picture for visibility.
  • Added weekly graph plots ( needs to be added to cron jobs run on the 5 min marks)

    • This also needs to have matplotlib package for python installed.



  • Fixed issue with solar lum reading on some systems
  • Add file for Dutch language in Webmin Weather module.
  • Moved more SQL statements to separate module.
  • Added calculation of Relative Pressure.
  • Added push methods to and Met Office.
  • Updated Webmin to support new pushes.
  • Enhanced solar max calculations and cloud estimates
  • Modified web page for cloud calculations
  • Added Almanac data to tables and export



  • fixed upload to WUG with no rain module
  • adjusted solar max scale
  • moved all SQL statement preps to seperate module
  • added controls for alarms to be disabled
  • improved some queries
  • added for output to pi face display

    • would run on a remote pi
    • requires seperate installation of drivers and activation of SDI
    • needs to set up a cron job for this module to run on bootup

  • added service for local tide predictions

    • depends will be installed
    • goto eos.local:8085 for information on finding tide station
    • need to set up a cron job for this module to run once an hour


  • EOR now uses sql utilities for updates
  • all alarms now listed on web page
  • added voltage alarm for < 10 v
  • cleaned up simple display
  • fixed pressure google chart displays
  • fixed cabinet temp reading when it hit 0 C
  • can control BG color on index page (php)
  • added soil module to web page
  • modules on web page now turn off
  • status indicators now work on web page
  • eor has feed data within last min
  • eos has archived data in last 11 min
  • upload to remote site occurred
  • fixed bug when wind module not active



  • Updated eor to correct getting ip from wlan0
  • Updated eos which crashed when upload old wund
  • Updated status to show cabinet temp
  • NOAA reports now use utility calls



  • New MYSQL security must be in place.
  • Other specific details will be listed below:
  • split out NMEA scripts into eos utility
  • added msg log table for remote sends
  • will resend if not received by remote site
  • now sending position and COG/SOG to cloud site



  • updated EOR/EOS servers -fix fan and push notifications
  • added conditional display of values on web page
  • added icons for temp/pressure changes
  • archive charts can now use zoom/ pan
  • archive charts will display just the main line by default
  • fixed upload to WUnderGround to not upload '---'



  •  fixed delay start on eos server
  •  modified index page layout
  •  using wind2 on web page
  •  moved Station Status package
  •  rebuild of menu items
  •  expanded chart width and changed default to show temperature
  •  fixed low barometer reading (0) for weekly/monthly on index page
  •  Updated Webmin tabs
  •  locked Station ID field
  •  modified field layouts
  •  added design by icon
  •  added icons for data tables
  •  added 'save as' method on reports (allows reports/logs to be preserved)



  •  added logging when checksum is not correct in eor
  •  corrected version value


1.0-3 - Bad build



  • extracted relay functionality to eosrelay.php from eos
  • when a module state is changed an update on eor happens to stop/start feed
  • clears FEED and Module tables now when not enabled
  • added functionality for fan control in Webmin and state display on web site
  • added functionality for LED display
  • removed reading for solar lum (is now calculated)
  • station serial number is read from SE-S action -updates STAT_ID if value returned
  • software version for eor eos is preserved and is on web site