Station Location

The station can be conveniently connected to a local area network through a power over ethernet (PoE) adapter (12 to 35 VDC). The system is supplied with an internal back up battery to ensure continues operation during a power outage.

The station platform can be completely independent from any power or network source. Wi-Fi can be added or you may send data over a cell or satellite service. Configuration can have a very low footprint of data overhead that is sent or received.

Obviously it has been built to withstand just about any weather condition that can be thrown at it. It is best to locate these stations in an exposed weather location for best results.

Because of the rugged design, the line of EOS Weather stations can be used in any Industry:


Because of the many modules that are available with our product line, farmers will enjoy the EOS Weather systems because of its comprehensive data collection. Data specific to the Agriculture Industry such as Solar, Temperature and Soil moisture provide real time as well as important historical data. 

When multiple fields must be monitored, several stations can feed data to EOS Cloud. The data can be retrieved from any device with a web browser.

With the optional I/O expansion module it is possible to provide a open or closing contact to control peripheral devices; starting a sprinkler system when the soil is too dry, closing greenhouse windows when it is too cold or windy, with the I/O expansion module, multiple items can be controlled automatically by the software.

Another valuable feature is the camera function. Especially when a Station is installed in a remote location, with the add-on camera, the fields and crops can be watched from any device with a web browser.

Marine and Offshore

Because of the rugged design, the EOS-500 is the ideal Anemometer for the Marine and offshore Industry. For more information beside Wind speed and direction, the EOS-1000 can also be installed on any type of vessel. 

With a special "Marine Module", data retrieved from a Gyro Compass as well a build in GPS will ensure that the wind data can be observed in both Relative and True direction and speed. The same marine module will also provide standard NMEA data to other Shipboard Navigational equipment.

A 19" or 22" dedicated Marine Display will provide Captain and Officers with up-to-date Meteorological data displayed by the EOS Weather Software.


General Industry

The EOS Weather Instruments are not only designed for the Agricultural or Marine Industry. There is a wide variety of other Industries that can benefit from the EOS weather systems.

- Renewable Energy Sector

- Schools

- Radio / TV Stations.

- Outdoor Sport facilities / Golf Courses







* EOS-1000 with optional Camera used in monitoring Environmental data on top of an apartment building.