The compact and powerful EOS-1000 Meteorological Observation system retrieves data from multiple sensors, storing it in a comprehensive database. Through an easy to use web interface, the EOS-1000 delivers real time, as well as historical data.

Without using any additional hardware, simply connect the station to the internet and through an easy to use "webmin" page the system is ready for data collection within 30 minutes.

A typical station provides the following data: Wind, Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Rain, Solar and UV data. Additional options such as Soil Moisture, Tidal Measurement and Snow Height are available.

The high grade stainless steel bracket and UV resistant housing protects the electronic components and the back-up battery from the elements.

The UV resistant ABS solar shield is designed to allow a proper airflow to the temperature sensor. In case of no wind, a small fan will provide a proper airflow over the temperature sensor.

Besides the environmental data directly obtained from the sensors, the EOS software will calculate and provide the following additional information:

  • Windchill
  • Windrun
  • 10 minute Average Wind
  • 10 minute dominant Wind Direction
  • Relative Pressure
  • Dewpoint
  • Rainrate
  • Hours of full sunlight
  • % of Cloud cover


What makes the EOS-1000 truly remarkable is the integrated software. No additional computer and difficult interfacing is required; Once connected to the internet, simply connect to the station and enjoy realtime environmental data.

The EOS software contains modules that can be selected through the EOS Webmin menu.

Additional software plugins allows the station to upload data to numerous data collection sources: the EOS Cloud, WeatherUnderground and AWEKAS file upload. Also, daily, monthly and Yearly NOAA reports are created and stored.

Multiple standard software plugins allows the station to upload data to numerous data collection sources: the EOS cloud, WeatherUnderground and AWEKAS file upload.

The "Pushover" app available for Iphone and Android will provide alarm to your device at pre-set levels. 


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Typical EOS-1000 Supply

  • Wind anemometer, incl. 15m Cable*
  • Meteorological Observation Station
  • PoE Adapter incl. power supply
  • 15m CAT5 Data / power cable*

* additional lengths are available