EOS Weather Instruments are built in Canada!



The NEW EOS-1000

Now with CE Certification!


Advanced Meteorological Weather station


EOS-1250 Wireless

EOS-500 Marine Anemometer

Agricultural Industry

Welcome to the new EOS Weather Instruments platform.

EOS Weather Instruments incorporates a high quality weather data gathering platform with a state of the art Linux operating system into a single small package. All data from a weather station is easily managed and controlled. The station is a web server, communicator and data storage unit which can be set up as a dependable remote weather station.

Live data can be easily viewed at anytime directly from the station or the station can send the current weather conditions to other networked locations. For example, a client can have many stations feeding data to a single point of contact and see all the data. Details are never lost when the station is linked to our cloud services and all historical data is readily available to review.

Quality, not Quantity

Custom build EOS-1000

Our line of products is build on quality. The hardware is made from the highest grade Stainless steel, Aluminum and ABS plastics.

All components are assembled by hand and tested prior to shipping to the customer.

As the systems are build in small quantities, it is possible to easily adapt to custom inquiries.





What makes our product line truly remarkable is the integrated software.

Multiple software modules provide high quality data.

EOS Cloud Service / Extended Services

All Environmental data is stored locally on the EOS Weather Station.

For a small monthly fee, this data can be uploaded to a secure cloud server. Especially with multiple stations, this way it easy to obtain all data in easy and convenient way.

We have additional service plans available; Extended warranty, Customer database integration or installation, ask us for addition information.






Live Data

If you're interested about the collected data, we provide some example live data from some of our stations. See "Live Data" for more information.